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The Latest Engineering Trends and Issues


GEOTECH | Why do we need to carry out 3D finite element analysis?

MIDAS GEO TEAM2020.10.23

#Project Application #GTS NX #Geotechnical engineering Finite Element Analysis

While the 2D approach has been a method of practice, many experts clearly show that 3D analysis can affect the professional design and project-related costs. In this post, we will look through the advantages of 3D analysis in 3 major fields.

 → See the article '2D vs 3D Approach- Finite Element Analysis (FEA)'




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GEOTECH | My secrets to making excavation drawing faster than you

MIDAS GEO TEAM2020.10.12

#Geotechnical engineering #Excavation #GeoXD

"Let's admit it. Excavation drawing is quite a nuisance"

As a geotechnical engineer with 10 years’ experience, I have drawn a lot of drawings. Each industry has its characteristics, but today I'm going to explain the inconvenience of using general CAD and how it came to be cool after using the Geo XD which is way more specialized to the geotechnical drawing.


Here's how I break through. 

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