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MIDAS Expert Network

Technology grows when spreading Apply now

What is MIDAS
Expert Network?

MIDAS Expert Network(M.E.N) is a networking platform where global engineers connect and share expertise and experience with other engineers.

Be a member of M.E.N to share project experiences and new technologies in geotechnical engineering.

Types of Activities

Choose the type and number of activities. A certain amount of compensation is provided to appreciate your contribution.

Live Pretentation

Share your expertise and experiences in the form of on/offline seminars. Choose your major topic with the past projects using midas GTS NX. Even if you are not a MIDAS user, sharing knowledge or technology is always welcome.

Blog Articles

Publish articles about the professional opinion or general issue in the industry. We will post your articles on the Geotech blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and newsletter. Spread your knowledge with the world.


Who has expertise in the geotechnical field

Who shares skills and knowledge

Who contributes to the industry


  • Get listed on
    expert profile

    Expert who provides any type of content (Webinar, Video, Blog Post) will be listed on M.E.N Expert Profile on our website, which will bring you more chances for business and networking.

  • Certify career and
    market company

    By just joining M.E.N, you will get tons of opportunities to make yourself and your company known. You can also meet other engineers around the world through many gatherings and events.

  • Compensation
    for your efforts

    To appreciate your efforts, we provide a certain amount of compensation. The Geotech team will contact details in person after you submit the expert application.

MIDAS Expert

Any Questions?

Questions or comments regarding MIDAS Expert Network,
please send us email at geotech@midasit.com

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