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Global Offices

MIDAS IT Co,. Ltd.
China (Beijing) MIDAS IT Beijing
China (Shanghai) MIDAS IT Shanghai
India MIDAS R&D Centre India Pvt. Ltd.
Japan MIDAS IT Japan Co,. Ltd.
Russia MIDAS IT Russia
  • Phone +7-909-973-5756 / +7-495-269-0257
  • Website www.midasit.ru
  • Email rusupport@midasit.com
  • Address Офис в Москве : Москва, 115280, Ул. Ленинская слобода. Д 19. № 20(6 этаж)
United Kingdom MIDAS IT (UK) Limited
United States MIDASoft, Inc
  • Phone +62-21-6330520
  • Website www.midasindo.com
  • Email midas@midasindo.com
  • Address Pusat Niaga Roxy Mas Blok C4 No. 16, Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari No. 125, Jakarta Pusat 10150, Indonesia
Italy CSPFea
Poland JD Engineering
Spain Simulsoft
Slovenia Geoeng&Co
  • Phone +386-41-540-711
  • Website www.geoeng.si
  • Email info@geoeng.si
  • Address GEOENG & Co. d.o.o. Pot na Fužine 45,1000, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Taiwan MIDAS Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
Turkey ERGEM Mühendislik Geoteknik Hizmetler A.Ş.