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Case Study Webinar The Effect Of Cut And Fill For 3D Settlement Analysis July 26, 2022 (Tuesday)
- Time 1: GMT 1am / SGT 9am / AEST 11am / NZST 1pm
- Time 2: GMT 10am / BST 11am / CEST 12pm / CAT 12pm / GST 2pm / IST 3:30pm | Duration : 60 min

A number of methods have been proposed to estimate settlement of pile group. Most of the conventional method ignore the fact that constructing foundation may involve cut and fill which affect initial stress of soil prior to settlement analysis. It usually also ignores the fact that soil surface is not horizontal


Numerical analysis has capabilities to conduct staging analysis where cut and fill process can be considered and also to model non-horizontal surface layer when necessary.


In this presentation, GTS NX will be used to model pile raft system located at the sloping area. Different method in defining non uniform soil layer will be introduced. The effect of cut and fill to the settlement analysis result will be shown.


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  • Guest Speaker
    Martin Wijaya Geotechnical Engineer / Lecturer Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) / P.T Geotechnical Engineering Consultant

Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR)


Parahyangan Catholic University or known with the abbreviation UNPAR is one of the oldest and most prestigious private universities in Indonesia, located in the city of Bandung. The main campus is located on Ciumbuleuit street, and other campuses are located on Merdeka street, Aceh street and Nias street


P.T. Geotechnical Engineering Consultant (GEC)


Geotechnical Engineering Consultant (GEC) is a consulting, investigation, instrumentation, and supervision company specializing in geotechnical aspect of construction. PT GEC was started as a result of series of research and consulting activities of small geotechnical engineers group in Bandung led by Prof. Paulus P. Rahardjo, Ph.D.

In the year of 2005, a formal consulting company was established with full confidence that the group can handle geotechnical consultancy services. A number of facilities and the wide range of network enable the group to sustain and make excellent progress.

01 Introduction to the project

- Construction located at the sloping area

- Pile raft foundation with cut and fill staging procedure

- Non-uniform soil layer

02 Pile raft model

- Geometry model for soil surface based on Contour

- Divide geometry or divide mesh

- Using constrained instead of modelling upper structure

03 Model result and conclusions

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