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Publications | Response of the pile foundation during deep excavation


Location of monitoring stations

Location of monitoring stations


Compared with concrete pile, the steel pipe pile has an advantage as high stiffness, high bearing capacity, high quality and short construction term. Construction of deep foundation pit causing the unloading of neighborhood soil, inevitable role in the steel pipe pile foundation building.


Combining with the actual measurement engineering data and numerical result, the deep foundation pit at the typical station on Xiamen metro line 1 is taken as the engineering background of this paper, the dynamic response of the steel pipe pile foundation during construction of neighborhood deep excavation was studied.


The results indicate that, under the condition of soil-rock compound stratum in Xiamen city, when the steel pipe pile location away from the edge of deep foundation pit 2h (h: depth of deep excavation), the displacement of the steel pipe pile was generally small.


The settlement displacement of concrete pile foundation and steel pipe pile foundation are basically the same, the horizontal displacement of the steel pipe pile foundation has a simple linear distribution. The horizontal displacement of the concrete pile foundation has obvious inflection point, under inflection point, the same as the steel pipe pile foundation, above inflection point, the horizontal displacement two times than the steel pipe pile foundation. The results of this paper providing a reference to similar projects. (Aijun Yao et al., 2016)


FEM mesh of calculation model

FEM mesh of the subway foundation pit and steel pipe pile foundation building



>> Read the full paper

This paper published at the 15th International scientific conference “Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development”.


Topics Deep excavation pile foundation



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