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MIDAS Geotech - Free FEM Online Courses in September 2020 Mastering Tunnel Design & Analysis 8 September, 22 September @7AM(GMT), 8AM(London), 9AM(CET), 2PM(Jakarta), 3PM(SG, KL), 5PM(Sydney), 7PM(Wellington) | Duration : 60 Min

This online course focuses on numerical analysis of shallow tunnels, which frequently cause soil–structure interaction problems in urban areas. Their construction affects existing underground and above-ground structures and there is a need to keep the settlement induced by tunnelling as small as possible. Such complex soil–structure interaction problems can only be solved by numerical analysis, which provides complete information on the stress–strain conditions of the tunnel, the surrounding soil mass and nearby structures.


This online course will present the basic and advanced training examples through the webinar sessions and the homework missions which are designed to enhance the understanding of training. Any geotechnical or civil engineers are able to attend this course for free.


The course participants will be able to use the free training license after each session and the official certificate of completion will be also provided to the active attendees.

  • 8 September (Tue) 60 Min

    Construction of Sprayed Concrete Lining Tunnel (2D)

    Generate mesh for SCL tunnel
    Convergence-confinement method (3D arching effect)
    Check results of tunnel lining

  • *Time : 7AM(GMT), 8AM(London), 9AM(CET), 2PM(Jakarta), 3PM(SG, KL), 5PM(Sydney), 7PM(Wellington)

  • 22 September (Tue) 60 Min

    Construction of Segmental Tunnel Lining (3D)

    Generate mesh for TBM tunnel
    Modelling joints between segments and rings
    Check results of lining and connection

  • *Time : 7AM(GMT), 8AM(London), 9AM(CET), 2PM(Jakarta), 3PM(SG, KL), 5PM(Sydney), 7PM(Wellington)

01 Numerical method for tunnelling

  • Geotechnical modelling
  • Knowledge of connections between lining segments
  • Structural elements for tunnel lining

02 Geometry & Mesh

  • Create geometry using drawing function
  • Ease meshing of complicated geometry
  • Generate line interface between segments and rings

03 Analysis & Output

  • Define the construction stage
  • Check ground deformation due to tunnelling
  • Check member forces of  tunnel lining

04 Report Generation

  • How to generate the report
  • Review of training assignment model

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  • 01 Official Certification of Completion

    Official certificate of completion will be provided to all attendees who participate more than 3 sessions and complete all assignments.

  • 02 Lucky Draw - Airpods

    Through "Lucky Draw", Airpods gift will be awarded to 1 active attendee who participate in all sessions and complete all task missions.

  • 03 Free Training License

    GTS NX Training license will be provided to the training attendees for free in order to provide the hands-on experience of numerical analysis and help conduct the training assignments.

  • 04 Tech-Support for homework

    During the course, the assignment for each topic will be provided to the attendees. MIDAS engineers will give the dedicated support and review to help your hands-on experience.

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