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Case Study Webinar Sub-Structure Analyses using MIDAS GTS NX 28 January 2021 (Thu.)
- Time 1: SGT 3pm / AEDT 6pm
- Time 2: GMT 11am / CET 12 pm / EET 1pm | Duration : 40 min

Liverpool Street station was on the critical path for the completion of Crossrail’s central tunneled section. However, the start of the station’s 42m deep Moorgate shaft was delayed by the prolonged time required to extract the foundation piles of the building that had previously occupied the site. As this delay would have led to knock-on delays in completion of the shaft and hence the transit of the running tunnel TBM through the shaft, a carefully defined and controlled observation-based Verification Process that makes innovative use of real-time site monitoring data and state-of-the-art 3D numerical analysis of ground-structure interaction, ground movements and movement of adjacent tunnels was developed.

This presentation will describe the application of the Verification Process: an iterative analysis using GTS NX software; field observation during the works and implementation during construction.

  • Hock Liong Liew
    Sub-structure Analyses
    using MIDAS GTS NX
    Senior Principal Engineer Mott MacDonald, UK
  • James Eadington
    Sub-structure Analyses
    using MIDAS GTS NX
    Principal Engineer Mott MacDonald, UK








Mott MacDonald, UK

The Mott MacDonald Group was formed in 1989 with the merger of two long-established and well-known international engineering consultancies – Mott, Hay & Anderson, renowned for its contribution to transportation engineering, and Sir M MacDonald & Partners, distinguished by a long tradition of water-related projects.

The landmark union began Mott MacDonald's progression towards the dynamic and continually evolving organisation, now operating from 180 principal offices in 50 countries across 12 core sectors - buildings, communications, education, environment, health, industry, international development, oil and gas, power, transport, urban development and water.


Website:  https://www.mottmac.com/

01 GTS NX at Mott MacDonald

Use of GTS NX assists in delivering

- Integrated soil-structure interaction analysis (no springs)

- 4D numerical modelling

- A common digital environment for numerical modelling

02 Project Application 1

- Cut and cover box in Qatar (weak rock geology)

- How to model two rows of micropiles as a single shell element in numerical model?



03 Project Application 2

- Ventilation shaft construction in London

- Create an integrated model to allow design of all elements

04 Project Application 3

- Crossrail Moorgate Shaft

- Verification process (an Observation Method)

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