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Case Study Webinar [Reopen] Deep Shaft Excavation with Lining Structures (Thames Tideway East Project by Mott MacDonald UK) March 15, 2022 (Tue)
- Time 1: GMT 6am / SGT 2pm / AEDT 5pm / NZDT 7pm
- Time 2: GMT 12pm / CET 1pm / CAT 2pm / GST 4pm / IST 5:30pm | Duration : 60 min

Tideway’s East tunnel section designed by Mott MacDonald


The Thames Tideway project will create a super-sewer beneath London capable of providing the required overflow capacity to the existing sewage network. Deep intervention shafts are needed along the route to connect the existing network into the tunnel.


This webinar describes the numerical modelling undertaken using MIDAS GTS NX to analyse one of these shafts; a 50m deep excavation in East London formed within diaphragm walls. The inputs and background to the analysis will be presented followed by a walkthrough of the model and discussion of the key results.

01 Modelling of Deep Excavations

1) Provide structural forces (bending, shear and axial) for primary lining (D-Wall) to confirm adequacy of reinforcement proposed by the Contractor.

2) Provide structural forces for Secondary lining (cast insitu), Base slab, and Cover slab

02 Structural Connections

1) Tunnel to Shaft: Elements with high strength (but zero tensile) with 50MPa stiffness (1/30th of Chalk) assigned around opening to allow tunnel to distort without transferring significant loads into the primary lining.


2) CSO to Shaft: High strength (but zero tensile) low stiffness elements to ‘disconnect’ diaphragm and secant pile walls.

03 Application of Secondary Lining

Uncertain interface between the primary and secondary linings of the shaft. Therefore range of models undertaken to bound structural forces on primary lining.

  • James Eadington
    Deep Shaft Excavation with Lining Structures Principal Engineer Mott MacDonald
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