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MIDAS Geotech - Free FEM Online Courses in 2021 (Second Half) Stress Seepage Coupled Analysis
for 2D Tunneling
August 10, 2021 (Tuesday)
- Time 1: GMT 3 am / SGT 11 am / AEST 1 pm / NZST 3pm
- Time 2: GMT 8 am / BST 9 am / CEST 10 am / CAT 10 am / GST 12 pm / IST 1:30 pm | Duration : 60 Min

This online session emphasizes on simulation of dewatering while constructing a NATM Tunnel in an urban location. Water flow is a major concern while tunneling under low overburden stress adds extra pressure on the roof and walls thus leading to face instability. To avoid any future incidents while the construction process is in continuation, a comprehensive FEM numerical model is required to provide an overview on how to simulate the field conditions.


Stress seepage semi-coupled analysis in MIDAS GTS NX will consider the stress exerted by seepage water into the tunnel walls and support systems, thus enabling the design team to carry out a correct assessment of the factors influencing the progression of tunneling from time to time.


This coursework will enable the participant to generate a 2D model for NATM closer to the ground surface, seepage analysis, and design the tunnel face support systems. All the different training examples through the webinar sessions and certification tasks are designed to enhance the understanding of training. Engineering professionals and graduates are invited to attend this course for free.


01 Introduction

  • Tunneling Methods

  • NATM Tunneling Theory 

  • 2D Tunnel Design 

02 FE Model Description

  • Workflow - Modelling Overview

  • Geometric Design

  • Tunnel Section Wizard

  • Materials & Meshing 

  • Field Loading Conditions

  • Stress-Seepage Coupled Analysis


03 Analysis & Output

  • Seepage Boundaries Creation 

  • Construction Stage Analysis

  • Load Distribution Factor 

  • Displacement Results 

  • Forces & Bending Moments 

  • Charts, ISO Surfaces, Images & PDF Reports

04 Certification Task

  • Generate the Model

  • Run the Analysis Case 

  • Seepage Fluxes

  • Ground Deformations, Boundary Stresses

  • Beam & Truss Element Forces

  • Bending Moments Results

  • 01 Official Certification of Completion

    Official certificate of completion will be provided to participants who have completed the course and submitted their homework three out of four courses.

  • 02 Free Training License

    GTS NX Training license will be provided to the training attendees for free in order to provide the hands-on experience of numerical analysis and help conduct the training assignments.

  • 03 Tech-Support for homework

    As for the assignment for each topic, MIDAS engineers will give the dedicated support and review to help your hands-on experience.

  • 04 Special Gift

    Participants who show a lot of questions and great effort throughout the course will receive a small gift of gratitude.

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