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Online Training Course How to quickly master
the geotechnical design report
19 November 2020 (Thu.) 7AM GMT / 7AM London / 8AM CET / 2PM Jakarta / 3PM SG, KL, KK, Perth / 6PM Sydney / 8PM Wellington | Duration : 60 Min

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Generally, you need to carry out the analysis for your design report and make the drawings for your excavation project to get approval from the authority. It is time-consuming & stressful works to create the geometry for the 3D analysis. After the analysis, you need to update the member size of reinforcements or retaining wall from every related drawing with member size.


There is a solution with Geo XD and GTS NX. You can import the things under the 3D view mode tab from Geo XD as a geometry to GTS NX even the soil layer. After that, you need to generate the mesh and carry out the analysis with GTS NX. You just select the member size from the database under Geo XD when you need to update your member size of the retaining system from your analysis results.


Hence, you can save your working time and release your stress with Geo XD & GTS NX.


Here's what you can learn

1-   Overall process of Geo XD & GTS NX
2-   How to import 3D geometry from Geo XD to GTS NX
3-   Result checking from GTS NX
4-   How to draw using Geo XD


Using Geo XD and GTS NX, we will conduct deep excavation works through this tutorial. The retaining wall will be assumed by the diaphragm wall and there are strut and waler for reinforcement.


The 3D geometry will be imported from GeoXD to GTS NX and carry out the 3D analysis with GTS NX. The forces from the temporary retaining system such as bending moment, shear force, and axial force will be checked by GTS NX. The drawings will be generated by GeoXD which are updated member size for reinforcements.

01 Importing 3D Geometry

02 Modelling

03 Checking the results

04 Generating drawings

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