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Case Study Webinar Series Numerical Modelling of a Metro Pedestrian Access Tunnel in Istanbul 24 September 2020 (Thu.) 7AM GMT / 8AM London / 9AM CET / 2PM Jakarta / 3PM SG, KL, KK, Perth / 5PM Sydney / 7PM Wellington | Duration : 50 Min

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This project includes a numerical design of a metro pedestrian access tunnel between a metro line and shopping mall with a NATM methodology. In Istanbul, due to a construction of a new shopping mall, it is required to have an access tunnel from existing metro line to the entrance of the shopping mall. Therefore, by using MIDAS GTS NX, a NATM tunnel with a length of 25m is modelled and designed.

During this webinar, Mr. Arslan will present the geological and the geometrical information of the project and will discuss how to apply the numerical modelling in this project case. As the construction of the tunnel has been finished, he will show the construction stages and the corresponding construction photos for the webinar attendees. 

  • Bora Arslan
    Numerical Modelling of a Metro Pedestrian Access Tunnel General Director / Geotechnical Engineer ARS Geotechnical Engineering and Consultancy






ARS Geotechnical Engineering and Consultancy

ARS was established in 2015 and offers a comprehensive range of services in geotechnical field (ie. tunnels, foundations, offshore structures, landslides, deep excavations, soil improvement, quay design, dam design, earthquake engineering, geosynthetics, MSEW, piping systems, slope design, geophysical engineering and site investigation etc.) encompassing the design and site investigation of infrastructure projects in Turkey and overseas.


Bora Arslan (GTS NX Expert User)

Bora Arslan is a geotechnical engineer in ARS Geotechnical engineering. He has the extensive experience more than 15 years in geotechnical design and consultancy works including many kind of structures and facilities such as tunnels, dams, quays, railroads, highways, high-rise buildings, bridges, etc.


Email:  b.arslan@arsgeo.com
Website:  http://www.arsgeo.com

01 Geological Cross Section of Access Tunnel

02 3D View of Access Tunnel and Surrounding Structures 

03 3D Numerical Model of Access Room between Existing Structures

04 Mini Piles and Pile Cap Executed in the Shopping Mall

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