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What Features Freeware has
CAD Interface
Drawing & Command windows
CAD commands
Import & Export
dwg. dxf. Format Import & Export with AutoCAD
fpn. Format Export for auto-creating 3D geometry in GTS NX
Title Block Import
Style Import & Export
Preference Import & Export
Retaining System Library
Retaining Wall
Stiffener / Bracing
Deck Plate
King Post
View Mode
Plan View
Longitudinal View
Section View
3D View
Smart Modeling & Modification
Strutting for General and Corner Parts
Adjusting Level of Strut and Waler
Updating Toe and Head Level of Retaining Wall
Excavation Area Update
Style Drag & Drop
Auto-Check of Overlapping Parts
Drawing Generation
Plan Layout Drawing
Longitudinal Drawing
Section Drawing
Construction Sequence Drawing
Instrumentation Layout Drawing
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  • What System Requirements?
    MIDAS Solution operates on Window 64bit operation system and it is required to install NVIDIA Graphic driver.
    Mac OS is not supported.

    ‐ Operating System: Windows 10 32-bit
    ‐ Graphics Card: 1 GB OpenGL 1.1 (Avoid simple onboard graphic chips)
    ‐ Processor: Dual core CPU (Core 2)
    ‐ Hard Disk: HDD 100 GB
    - Ram: 8 GB
    - Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels

    ‐ Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit (all with the latest service packs)
    ‐ Graphics Card: 1 GB nvidia GeForce or Quadro with 2 GB of memory
    ‐ Processor: Quad core CPU (Core i7)
    - Hard Disk: HDD(+SSD) 1 TB
    - Ram: 16 GB
    - Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • What type of license is there?
    There are 2 license types, USB (StandAlone, Network) and Web licenses. MIDAS license has been on basically web-authentication basis.
    A Web license is authorized based on the internet, it is always available regardless where and when you are, unlike an USB license. An USB license is provided only when the internet connection is not supported.
    Freeware and Trial licenses are provided with only web license type.
  • What do I type in ID and Password fields when license activation?
    You use ID and Password signed up in MIDAS Account/MUSS websites.
    If you forget account information, you can find it here > Find ID/Password
  • Can I use my license key from another PC?
    You can access to a license from up to 2PCs connected to the internet. But, it is not possible to access to it from any PCs than 2PCs first authorized.
    Freeware and Trial licenses can be authorized from only 1 PC.
    Concurrent licensing is not supported. At the same time, a license can be used from only 1 PC.
  • Can I check my license information?
    Yes. To check your license information, go and sign in MIDAS User Account > My License. You can see all licenses you obtain.
  • What does error message “Invalid option” mean?
    A trial license is provided as full version during 14 days since an initial date of license issue. After 14days, it is automatically switched to trial version having limited options. This error message is usually shown after 14 days. An expiry date of full version is stated on the license information email. You can upgrade to commercial version if you are interested in using a full version continuously.

    Upgrade to commercial version
  • What type of Protection Lock Driver do I select when installation?
    MIDAS license has been on basically web-authentication basis. Thus, please select [Web Authentication] and set up follow-on process.

    In case of an USB license, select the options for license type you purchased.
    - U1 Type : [STANDALONE] option
    - Besides U1 Type : [NETWORK] option
  • Standard & Advanced Options are unavailable.
    A trial license is provided as full version during 14 days since an initial date of license issue. After 14days, it is automatically switched to trial version having limited options. That’s why some of Standard/Advanced options are limited to access.

    In the case that analysis options doesn’t work in commercial license, please reset license setting as following :

    1. Click [Lock option] in [License Registration] window
    2. Check Product ID (PID) in [Select Product] window (Product ID was sent to the e-mail registered when signing up)
    3. Click [Update] in left bottom > [Select All] > [OK]. If the error still is even though following the process, please Contact us.